Graphic Novel Spotlight – Tomb Raider Volume 3: The Serpent Queen


To carry on with the gaming theme this week, this month marks the Xbox release of Rise of the Tomb Raider. It’s the latest entry in the hugely successful Tomb Raider franchise and the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. In preparation, Dark Horse’s comic book series has been filling the gap between the two games. Whether you are looking for an extra Tomb Raider fix or if you’re like me and have a Playstation 4 instead of an Xbox One and therefore have to wait till December 2016 to play Rise of Tomb Raider, this concluding volume is a great way to fill the time.

Lara Croft’s quiet life working at the British Museum is disrupted when a friend she thought to be dead has their life threatened by a dangerous organization. Lara is their only hope, but she will not be alone as Sam, Jonah and Kaz join her on this rescue mission! Danger lurks behind every shadow – can they make it in time to save a life they thought was lost?!

Having joined first volume writer Gail Simone for the second volume, Rihanna Pratchett takes over sole reins for the concluding volume of the series. As writer of the 2013 reboot and the upcoming sequel, Pratchett is an ideal candidate to bridge the gap between the two games. The Lara presented in this volume is faithful to the character Pratchett established in the first game – who is still a long way off from becoming the dual-pistol wielding adventurer that most people are familiar with. This is a Lara who is still facing trauma from her near-death experiences in Yamatai and plagued with self-doubt, but is also willing to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve her goals and help her friends.

Derlis Santacruz returns from volume two to provide art and continues to create action packed sequentials that remain faithful to the style established in the 2013 game.

Any fans looking to see some more development in Lara’s character arc and wishing to fill in the gaps leading up to Rise of the Tomb Raider will find plenty to enjoy in this concluding volume. Those of us without an Xbox One will have to hope this tides us over till December 2016.

Tomb Raider Volume 3: The Serpent Queen is published 26 November by Dark Horse.

Post by Leo Sutherland

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