Rocket Raccon Volume 1 A Chasing Tale Marvel Turnaround

Graphic Novel Spotlight: Rocket Raccon Volume 1: A Chasing Tale

Rocket Raccon Volume 1 A Chasing Tale Marvel Turnaround

Originally released in 2014 to tie in with the hit Guardians of the Galaxy film, this fan-favourite and Eisner Award nominated series is now getting the paperback treatment.

Rocket Raccoon is on adventure away from the other Guardians of the Galaxy with his best friend and fellow Guardians member Groot. However, his intergalactic exploits maybe coming to an end as he is framed for murder. Not only must he evade the authorities pursuing him, but he must avoid a team of space mercenaries and track down the real killer who happens to be his exact doppelganger.

Skottie Young is one of Marvel’s most innovative creators. Having honed his craft following years working on manga inspired Marvel titles and the wonderfully quirky OZ series, he has been spending most recent years working on Marvel’s wonderful baby variant covers. With demand to see a fully illustrated series following these great covers, Rocket Raccoon is a natural fit. Young’s work has always had a wonderful sense of humour and this series is no exception. Whether it be Rocket’s not-exactly-selfless reasons for saving princesses or his antagonistic relationship with Cosmo the Space Dog, this series is never short of laughs (although it is surprisingly moving at points too).

Anyone needing a Rocket Raccoon fix which can’t be satisfied by the main Guardians comic must read this series as it has everything you could possibly want. Rocket being a smart arse while trying to avoid being killed and his complex friendship with sentient tree creature Groot is all present and correct. Plus it is an opportunity to see some of the most unique and quirky art currently being published in all of the comic industry.

Rocket Raccoon Volume 1: A Chasing Tale is published 29 October by Marvel.

Post by Leo Sutherland.

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