Attack on Titan Colossal Turnaround

Graphic Novel Spotlight: Attack on Titan Colossal Edition 2 by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan Colossal Turnaround

Experience the bestselling manga sensation and inspiration for the hit anime and recent live-action films in an oversized format.

Following his huge part in the Garrison’s success at retaking the Trost District from the Titans, Eren finds himself locked away in a military prison. Despite being humanity’s last great hope, humanity’s leaders fear his powers and see him as equally as dangerous as the invading Titans. However, Survey Corps leader Erwin Smith manages to convince the military of Eren’s worth, but only if he proves himself outside the Walls and brings the evidence that explains his newfound abilities from his family home back from Titan territory. This of course proves easier said than done.

This collection is perfect for Attack on Titan fans of all kinds. A key point in the series, featuring prominent appearances from fan favourite characters Captain Levi and the rest of the Survey Corps, along with the debut of the mysterious Female Titan! For those new to Attack on Titan, the colossal editions are a great way for newcomers to jump into the series.  Hajime Isayma’s gritty artwork looks even better in a larger format and higher quality paper. For hardcore Titan fans, this edition is also packed with extras including a cover gallery and a look at Isayama’s design work. And for the Titan completist (and those who missed its appearance in the Free Comic Book Day issue of Secret Wars), the historic short story crossover Attack on Avengers (that until recently was only available in Japan) is included featuring The Avengers, Spider-Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy facing off against the Titans as they invade the Marvel Universe. This full colour story is co-written by Isayama and Marvel talent scout C.B. Cebulski and illustrated by rising star artist Gerardo Sandoval (Guardians 3000, Age of Apocalypse, Wolverine).

For anyone not on the Attack on Titan boat, now is the perfect time to jump aboard and the Colossal Edition is the definitive way to experience it.

Attack on Titan Collosal Edition 2 is published 15 October 2015.

Post by Leo Sutherland

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