A Dog Named Jimmy Rafael Mantesso

A Dog Named Jimmy

Dog Named Jimmy Rafael Mantesso

The whole Turnaround marketing team are swooning over Jimmy Choo right now – that’s the bull terrier, not the shoe designer. Jimmy is Rafael Mantesso’s canine companion, and his closest friend in the world after his divorce. With his wife gone, Mantesso was faced with a bare apartment and a very photogenic dog. A graphic artist by day, Mantesso was inspired at home by what was essentially the perfect photo op: his entire home became a canvas for Jimmy.

Mantesso’s line drawings and Jimmy’s incredible propensity for posing took the internet by storm – not an easy feat in the over-saturated cute dog market. He soon had over 100 cheeky snaps on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of followers, as well as the attention of a certain luxury shoe brand. Dogs and illustration are two of my very favourite things, so I was thrilled to hear Text’s plans to publish a gorgeous hardback collection of Mantesso’s very favourite shots and loads of new additions, this time with the added bonus of a professional photographic studio.

So, when we got a finished copy in, we made like Mantesso and got our creative juices flowing. Turnaround are very pleased to present our very own, very professional photoshoot:


A Dog Named Jimmy Rafael Mantesso

A Dog Named Jimmy Rafael Mantesso

A Dog Named Jimmy Rafael Mantesso

Head over to our Facebook page to check out the entire album! A Dog Named Jimmy publishes 29 October, and you can get it here.

– Heather

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