Graphic Novel of the Month: Alpha

First up in October’s graphic novel picks is an immense, crazily beautiful and colossal comic that charts the origin of the world. Introducing Alpha, from Knockabout Comics.

9780861662456In Alpha, Jens Harder takes the reader on an operatic graphic journey, beginning with the tiniest of dots that grows and grows, representing the Nanoseconds following the Big Bang through the next 14 billion years. Alpha tells the story of our origin that scientists have been telling us for decades; however, it does so in a far more artistic and compelling way.

He uses a cinematic style to show every step of the way, with imagery taken from popular culture, archaeology, science, film and art sources, charting the long course of biological evolution. There is even the odd nod to humanity’s many religious interpretations of how the universe began.

A project of epic scope, Alpha is the first in a graphic novel trilogy covering the world and mankind’s evolution, beginning with a speck in the sky and ending with the rise of the Neanderthal. It’s a rare and beautiful version of the story of our world.

It’s so epic that trying to describe it in words is a pretty impossible task. So we’ll just leave you with these pages, instead:

Alpha 4  Alpha 3 Alpha 2  Alpha 11 Alpha 10 Alpha 9 Alpha 8

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