Ask a Bookseller: Keira from The Edinburgh Bookshop

Hello, and welcome to Ask a Bookseller, in which we at Turnaround ask a bunch of questions to various booksellers! First up is Keira Brown from the very excellent Edinburgh Bookshop, in Edinburgh.

Ask a Bookseller KeiraWhat do you get up to during a normal day at work?
Booking in delivery stock, shelving, cash handling, suggesting both children’s and adult books to customers for gifts but also for their mood, swapping display titles, customer orders, cashing up, occasionally speaking with reps.

What are you reading right now?
The Ecliptic.

Name three books on your reading list?
Two Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights (Rushdie), The Rest of Us Just Live Here (Ness) and The Year of the Runaways (Sunjeev Sahota).

Ask a Bookseller edinburgh bookshopWhat is the one book you wish you could sell to everyone who walks in your shop?
Keep The Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell

Do you have a favourite publisher? If so, why are they your favourite?
Walker as they publish fantastic children’s books and being completely independent and enjoyed by our community it would deem them so.

What kind of books would you like to see more of, and what kind do you wish publishers would stop publishing?
More complex adventure stores and less depressed characters, although I guess they are interesting to read about. I just found myself getting frustrated with the new Franzen.

What’s the weirdest book-question you’ve ever been asked by a customer at work?
This was in Borders, but where they could get their library card was an odd one.

Favourite book jacket OF ALL TIME?
Do love Donald Barthelme – Forty Stories cover.


If you’re a bookseller who’d like us to ask you some questions, get in touch! Email and we will ask away.

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