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Relax… Throw a Party!

Kinfolk magazineWhen was the last time you threw a party, or even hosted an intimate gathering? Was it everything you’d imagined, or did you find yourself hustling and bustling so much that you barely got to say hello to your guests, much less enjoy the fruits of your labour? Perhaps you were so phenomenally exhausted from the party preparations that you zonked out after your first exquisitely-mixed cocktail. Fear not; most of us are just like you.
However, there are some who have the most magnificent grace when throwing parties, making it look entirely effortless and causing the rest of us to suspect they either A) rushed the party planner out before any guests arrived, or B) hired a secret team of caterers to blend in and pretend to be guests while all the while ensuring the party runs without a hitch. Indeed, we envy them, but we have always known we could never top their efforts without blowing our tops from stress…
Until now! (Or were you expecting us to say that?)
Since 2012, Kinfolk Magazine has been showing readers the way not only to execute beautiful, fuss-free gatherings, but also to entirely rethink the types of gatherings they host in the first place. This quarterly magazine-journal hybrid gathers a collection of ideas from “a growing international community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to make and do.”
Kinfolk magazine

Kinfolk encourages readers to relax and remember that a gathering is about being together and purely having a nice time, not breaking one’s neck over every minute detail in hopes of impressing people who, to be honest, probably weren’t all that difficult to impress. No, no… Kinfolk celebrates a more simple approach to the art of entertaining.
Do you understand where we are coming from, dear readers? Do you also share this desire to be surrounded by happy loved ones in beautiful surroundings – and in relaxed, humble environments?
If you do, then we urge you to take a look at Kinfolk Magazine. Now on its 8th volume (with Volume 9 out in September 2013), Kinfolk’s every issue combines the works of dozens of well-known photographers who collaborate with stylists, filmmakers, chefs, bakers and their own close friends to document their lovely occasions in hopes of inspiring others to experiment with new ways of entertaining.
Kinfolk magazine

Simply put, it targets a young, trendy readership of food enthusiasts who love to be with friends and family. And even if you aren’t planning a bash anytime soon, the stylish and gorgeous photography is enough to make anybody swoon while the recipes and tips can make life just a little bit nicer.
With a quintessentially high-class, British feel, Kinfolk brings nostalgic traditions back to life with previous editions exploring bee-keeping, the Sunday roast, jam-making and foraging. Paired with stunning, rustic photographs, Kinfolk is a visual delight and a relaxing read for those wishing to escape the stresses of modern life.
Kinfolk Magazine volume 9Kinfolk 9, out in the autumn, covers the importance of weekends. It features lots of discussion about how people spend their weekends, ideas for ways to better use leisure time and how to find the ultimate work-play balance. It will also offer insight on how to revitalize yourself, keep from working on days off and generally promote the idea of idle time and deep relaxation. Don’t we all need a bit of help with that?
If you’re not yet sold on the idea of Kinfolk, grab an issue for yourself to see what all the fuss is about. But hurry… these beautiful journals absolutely fly off the shelves, leaving eager fans begging for reprints of their earlier editions!

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