Turnaround Reader’s Digest…

Turnaround Reader’s Digest…

Masterchef is once again gracing our television screens and the great hunt for Britain’s best amateur cook kicks off. Viewers will witness TV’s favourite foodies John and Gregg heartily chomp their way through hundreds of weird, wonderful and occasionally disastrous dishes to finally reward the best budding chef with the coveted Masterchef prize.  Each contestant is grilled by a series of challenges that test their technical and creative abilities in the kitchen,  all stirred in with a high-octane brew of tears, sweat, blundering and determination. As the competition cranks up a notch over the coming weeks, Masterchefwill grip the nation with its unbeatable recipe of remarkable cooking and great entertainment.
It seems we love our food with lashings of melodrama. Take celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, a veritable culinary wizard, who dazzles (and horrifies) his diners with Lickable Wallpaper, Blood Risotto and the incredible Weightless Dessert. His signature dish Snail Porridge may sound like something concocted at the bottom of the garden, but it is the benchmark in an increasingly daring, flamboyant era of British cooking.
From Nigella’s late-night fridge raids to the Hairy Bikers’ roadside grills, British cooking is bursting with loveable eccentricity. Cooking has never been so cool. For that reason here are some of Turnaround’s finest; gastronomic inspiration for all who dabble in the culinary arts. So don your apron and sharpen your knives: Let’s cook!
 Hellbent for Cooking by Annick “Morbid Chef” Giroux
2011, 9781935950004, Bazillion Points, £17.99

Ever wondered what serious metal heads chow down on? Bat heads and blood? Think again. Hellbent for Cooking unveils a cornucopia of inspired international recipes from the world’s favourite metal bands. From the blazing stove of members from Thin Lizzy, Anthrax, Slaughter, Mortal Sin and Judas Priest come hearty recipes that would satisfy a horde of hungry headbangers.
With the help of Hellbent for Cooking, you can rustle up a devilishly delicious feast of appetisers, mains, desserts and drinks.  Many of the recipes boast the ‘manly’ ingredients of meat, cheese and not to mention enough chili to power hell’s inferno! More adventurous eaters can tuck into a three tiered pizza cake, mummified bacon jalepeno bombs or the midnight 7” metaloaf. But never fear, not all of these dishes are full-throttle, you can also find surprisingly delicately spiced curries, gooey puddings and fruity cocktails. A genuine crowd-pleaser, this collection is not just for those with a taste for metal, so grab your iron weapons of mass nutrition and enjoy this table-smashing collection of mosh-nosh.
Cookin’ with Coolio by Coolio 
2009, 9781439117613, Simon & Schuster, £9.99
In this rather bleak age of austerity, many are pinching their pennies when it comes to food…with lavish suppers of lobster and champagne indefinitely off the menu. But the recession has borne an unlikely hero: Coolio! The international superstar started cooking when he was 10 years old and has developed an entirely new cuisine, the aptly coined ‘ghetto gourmet’. Coolio promises delicious meals on a shoestring budget and judging by his menu he doesn’t skimp on bold, gutsy flavours, such as his Kung Fu Chicken or patented Soul Rolls. With these mouthwatering offerings, you’ll be in food heaven, or as Coolio might say a ‘gangsta’s paradise’.

The Astrology Cookbook by Stephanie Rosenbaum 
2009, 9781933149264, Manic D Press, £11.99

Nothing spells romance better than a candlelit meal for two. With Valentine’s day approaching, many will be leafing frantically through piles of recipes in search of ‘the one’. If only the answer was written in the stars you say, well with The Astrology Cookbook it is! With this handy collection you can tailor your menu exactly to the star sign of your partner, magically dishing out what their heart desires. Ideal for wooing a larger-than-life Leo or tempestuous Taurus. Seductive dining meets the mystical powers of the zodiac in this fun and delightfully gourmand cookbook.

Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas 

2012, 9781401324407,  Hyperion,  £19.99

Chickens in the UK can breathe a sigh of relief: BBC’s GoodFood have announced that ‘cake’ has replaced ‘chicken’ as the most searched for term on their website. Britain has gone a little barmy for baking, with TV shows such as The Great British Bake-Off running successfully into its third series. The Bake-Offshowcased the very cream of great big marvellous cakes, from perilous towers of mousse cake to the delicate clouds of sugared meringues. 

In the spirit of Britain’s baking frenzy, Amy Atlas’ Sweet Designsdisplays the finest examples of show-stopping artisan bakery. Her exquisite recipe collection instructs readers how to bake and craft striking sweet table spreads, fit for any celebration. With vibrant colours, delicious flavours and plenty of creativity, Atlas’ designs are themselves a beautiful slice of art. Perfect for parties or gatherings, Atlas’ designs will be the cherry on the cake of any special occasion. Have a look at her brilliant blog, http://blog.amyatlas.com/

Kinfolk: Vol. 2 
2012, 9781616282707, Simon & Schuster, £12.99

Throwing a dinner party can be an intimidating prospect, especially when you want to impress, but over-complicating your menu can result in nothing short of a kitchen meltdown. Kinfolk presents an unconventionally simple approach to the art of home entertaining by delighting in life’s simple pleasures and savouring the time spent with family and friends. In this seasonal issue, Kinfolk provides original inspiration for keeping the cold at bay this winter. Think warm cups of cocoa, forest picnics, frosty dawn rambles, freshly-baked bread, candlelit suppers and hot buttermilk waffles. With stunning photography and whimsical text, this journal is as warm and toasty as a cosy knit. Have a look at some of their wonderful projects. http://www.kinfolkmag.com/journal/

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