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Welcome to the Turnaround Blog!

Turnaround has been distributing books into the UK and overseas markets since 1984. As you can imagine, everyone who works here is a veritable book-nut. Hundreds of new books pass through our hands every month, in pretty much every genre you can think of (and some you probably can’t).

We’re incredibly enthusiastic about everything that comes with pages. We spend a lot of the working day talking about books, writing about books, making lists of books, taking pictures of books and going to bookish events.

The Turnaround Blog is a place to share all this with you, whether you’re a publisher, bookseller, reviewer or a general book lover. We post everything from reviews to lists, essays to photos – pretty much anything that relates to the book industry, the amazing titles we work with and/or the people who make them.

Who will be posting?
The blog is mainly run by Turnaround’s marketing team, with the occasional guest post from authors, publishers and booksellers.

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Jenn: Ex-bookseller, current Marketing Manager. Turnarounder since October 2014. Likes fiction, queer pulp, feminist comics and camp discos.  Find me on Twitter at @hoppers4ever.

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Leo: Turnaround’s in house geek since 2011. Ardent comic reader and aspiring comic writer.  Find me @leosutherland for mumblings about comics, video games, cartoons and other stuff.

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Ben: Joined the marketing team in Feb 2018, trying my best at being a writer. Likes  anything with lasers, dragons or both. Tweet me @benjwilliams_.

Liam: Set up camp at Turnaround in May 2018. Reformed Australian, unreformed alt-rock obsessive. Likes queer fiction, music bios, and novels with strange formatting. Find me on Twitter @LiamKonemann.


Eleanor: Joined the marketing team in July 2018.  Loves art, typographic weirdness, linguistics, and minotaurs. Find me @eleanornmj.

Anouk: Joined the marketing team in March 2019, after a stint as bookseller. Likes spaceships, queer lit, and queer lit set on spaceships. Find me on Twitter @vranouk.

For more information on Turnaround, our books and our publishers, visit our website.

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7 comments on “About Us

  1. dogpig7
    March 23, 2016

    Thank you for posting your review of my new book, The Zone Continuum.

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